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I have heard from too many people that JavaScript libruaries like jqPlot or Flot that are designed to draw graphs have memory leaks if updated live for a long period of time. I know that most use the replot() function to update the graph in real time but that's where the problem seems to happen.

Has anybody figured out a work around this? Maybe refreshing the entire graph and the jquery code in a DIV?

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you should use the “destroy” method (plot.destroy()) on your plot before you empty the container and draw the plot again. It worked for me!

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I cant figure out how to apply this. Can you give a code example? –  Kjensen May 27 '12 at 22:52
I am in the same boat as Kjensen. Every time I try to call this function I get the error "No data specified." –  MirroredFate Nov 1 '13 at 17:58
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No, i tried it with emptying the div and redraw the complete diagram with jqPlot. That doesn't help either. I did it like this:

targetPlot = $.jqplot('#diagramContainer',
    toDraw, diagramOptions);

Doing this lots of times with many data leads also to memory leaks.

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