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I'm using devise for the user system. But I have one problem. i'd like to just logged user could register new user. It's a question of security. But, when an logged user can not register a new user, because, he's logged!

I dont know how fix this.

Thanks by help!

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2 Answers

I'm pretty sure the easist way would be just to turn off the devise config option :registerable, this will get rid of the sign_up paths and links.

Then just build your own user controller actions and views to interact directly with your User model.

The default devise registrations controller wants to auto create a new session for the newly created user which is why it won't let logged in users create another user.

Hope this helps.

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The Devise documentation explains how to do that kind of thing.

You don't need to over-ride anything in devise. Just treat it like any other namespaced resource.

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