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I have the following Photoshop ExtendScript (.jsx) script which rotates the image canvas, but doesn't rotate the contents:

var doc =;       // open the .png file

if (doc.width > doc.height) {  // check if this document is landscape
  doc.rotateCanvas(90);        // rotate the canvas to portrait

  // but how to rotate the contents?

I would like to rotate the entire image, contents included. I've tried also rotating all the document's layers, and art layers, but nothing works.

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I've offered a cash bounty for this question at – Hilton Campbell Jun 17 '11 at 17:29
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So... uh... yeah. If you want to rotate a PNG in Photoshop, the above script would be the way to do it. Code not shown here might cause it do something different, preventing the rotate from succeeding :).

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