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I'm trying to do some testing in html5 uploading files,here is the simple html codes:

var fileInput=document.getElementById("the-file")


var file=e.target.files[0]

var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest()



I use python -m SimpleHTTPServer to test this section the problem is that I DON'T know how to write the handlecode file to handle the http request,

the handlecode file only save the file in the upload floder,no more complicated tasks

Although I don'k know whether testing in this way is right or not

Can someone give some hints or offer me the right way to test ,Thank you all very much!

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Use bottle:

from bottle import request, route, run

@route('/upload', method='POST')
def do_upload():
    data = request.files.get('data')
    raw = data.file.read()
    filename = data.filename
    return "You uploaded %s (%d bytes)." % (filename, len(raw))

run(host='localhost', port=8080)
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