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Update 6/20/2011 I can only build the test project once or twice before getting this error. Moles is unusable for me until this is resolved. Deleting obj/bin and closing/reopening visual studio isn't practical.

The Error

Error 32 The command ""C:\Program Files\Microsoft Moles\bin\moles.exe" @C:\src\qp\mvc3\Solution\QP.Tests.Moles\obj\Debug\Moles\moles.args" exited with code -1002. QP.Tests.Moles

The Description

Was trying to use moles with nunit but had trouble... so I created a new mstest project with a single test. The test built and I was able to debug into the SUT and verify HttpContext contained values expected. Subsequent attempts to build the test project fail with the above.

note: I am running resharper 6 EAP (i know, i know) but I have disabled it's mstest runner. besides, this is a build error.

What I've Tried

Have tried rebuild, clean and deleting obj/bin directories in the test project.

The Code

namespace QP.Tests.Moles
    public class UnitTest1
        public void TestMethod1()
            INewsService _newsService = new NewsService();
            BHttpContext context = BHttpContext.SetCurrent();
            BIPrincipal user = context.SetUser();
            BIIdentity identity = user.SetIdentity();
            identity.Name = "AMole";

            var newsItemViewModel = new NewsItemViewModel()
                Headline = "some headline that passes validation",
                FullMessage = "some full message that passes validation",
                ProviderListItems = new List<SelectListItem>()
                    new SelectListItem()
                            Selected = false,
                            Text = "some text",
                            Value = "some value"

            _newsService.UpdateNewsItem(newsItemViewModel, DateTime.Now);
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I suggest you post your own answer to this question, and mark it as the accepted answer. Good issue to post! – Mike Christian Jun 20 '11 at 19:21
yeah, but SO won't let you answer your own questions ;) I have updated the issue as the error occurs almost every time I build the test project :( – John Dhom Jun 20 '11 at 21:05
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Closing and re-opening VisualStudio is a workaround for this issue.

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