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I have an array of integers stored in a plist. I would to load them and do fast enumeration over the array. Is there a way to do this or does fast enumeration work only for objects?

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Fast enumeration do only work with objects in Obj-C.

However, if you stored integer values in a plist, you'll have an NSArray or an NSDictionary instance representing that plist. The NSArray/NSDictionary works with fast enumeration and will output NSNumbers when working with them, not int.

That way, you can retrieve your int easily with [anNSNumber intValue].

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I do undestand OOP is nice but if You have an array of integers and You must scan values very often, consider storing value in a simple C array:

1) much less memory footprint
2) blazing speed in searching (for via and index, a REAL index in memory.. will be a register in µp directly...)

a) you must think in old style C
b) save the number of items
c) you must convert from plist to int arr[..] but is very easy.

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