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i am new to c# language.i saw that you wrote the c# client application to the axis2 web service.i also want to know how i write C# client for the axis2 application

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I believe that Axis exposes WSDL in the normal way, so you should be able to use "Add Web Reference" from Visual Studio, point it at the relevant Axis WSDL URL, and use the autogenerated client proxy.

I seem to remember there are some subtleties around using null vs empty arrays, but mostly it works fine - or did when I last tried several years ago, anyway.

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For any new web service development, I suggest you use WCF instead of the old-style ASMX web services framework that you would get from using "Add Web Reference". Use "Add Service Reference" instead. ASMX is next to obsolete, in the sense that only critical security fixes are expected.

Many AXIS2 services are configured with WS-Security enabled, and WCF is the only practical way to handle those.

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