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        var id = $(this).attr("id");
    var productID = $.trim($(".radio_panel"+id+" input[type=radio]:checked").val());
    var priceSchemeID = $.trim($(".radio_panel"+id+" input[type=radio]:checked").attr("price_scheme_id"));


The above function should and suppose to be retrieving values from input boxes from async postback. Somehow the value always seems to be empty.

Is there function where even retrieving the values for the input boxes, jquery can still utilize the function live()? if there is, how to do so?

    type: "POST",
    url: "ajax_search_product.php",
    data: { 
        action : "loadmore",
        pageNo : "<?php echo 0;?>",
        catID : "<?php echo $catID?>"
    cache: false,
    success: function(response_html){

inside ajax_search_product.php...there would have input boxes such as

<input type="radio" name="cboReplaceMe'.$resultID.'" value="'.$product["id"].'" class="cboReplaceMe" price_scheme_id = "'.$product["sid"].'" /> 

and others

a little more brief description.

The ajax ajax_search_product.php will retrieve form of data and put it inside #mydiv. perhaps something like this

     <input name='search' value'search'><input type='submit' value='search again' name='search_again' id='search_again'>

     <div id='search_result'>
           <input type="radio" name="cboReplaceMe'.$resultID.'" value="'.$product["id"].'" class="cboReplaceMe" price_scheme_id = "'.$product["sid"].'" />  


then if an user clicked on #search_again, another ajax ajax_search_product.php with different variable will be used again to pull in data and insert it inside search_result and replace anything that is inside #search_result. THe problem here is that i could not get the value of the the radio input box. any idea?

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where is your ajax? –  Ibu Jun 17 '11 at 4:54
do you append the elements to the DOM? –  Headshota Jun 17 '11 at 4:58
nope. i did not append. i uses html() upon success –  lilsizzo Jun 17 '11 at 4:59
you have a quote error in you line $("#mydiv').html(response_html) should be $("#mydiv").html(response_html) –  Ibu Jun 17 '11 at 5:02
yeah sorry about that. the script all is working fine. return accordingly to what i want but it seems i cant get the value out after the async postback –  lilsizzo Jun 17 '11 at 5:11

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