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i have implemented sample application to get the notification.i would like to display a notification when user entered a time and system time are equal then the notification should appear and also appear in on pause like reminder.Here i have used digital clock,i can able to see digital clock time it is running.when the user time and system time are equal that notification is not displaying.

i have written code as follows

             //This is for get the system time
             DateFormat df = DateFormat.getTimeInstance();
         systime = df.format(new Date());// system time formate is :HH:MM:SS

              //thi is for user entered data


                  notify();   //calling notify method to get the notification

it is not displaying any notification when usertime and systime are equals like reminder.

how can i display notification still the systime and usertime are equal like reminder notification?

please any body help me

thanks in advance

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Wrote a tutorial. Notification Reminders: blog.blundell-apps.com/notification-for-a-user-chosen-time – Blundell Feb 21 '12 at 13:22
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You should probably use AlarmManager to schedule notification.

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can u give sample app on using AlarmManager? – prasad.gai Jun 17 '11 at 9:42
Thank u Mighter – prasad.gai Jun 18 '11 at 6:34
Don't forget to accept the answer ;) – Igor Filippov Jun 18 '11 at 7:09
i can accepted but could please give small sample code on it? – prasad.gai Jun 18 '11 at 7:35

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