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I want to implement a simple email server just like amazon kindle mail server does for ebook convert. User mail me doc as attachment. Mail server will retrieve and store those doc. Maybe response back to sender about the convert result, simply success or failure. I want to implement this in Python. Looking into the built in SMTPServer class, it only be able to handle RFC2822 formatted message body.

Is there anyway to achieve this? Thanks

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Yes I'm sure there is a way to achieve it. Do you have another question perhaps? – John La Rooy Jun 17 '11 at 5:33

"it only be able to handle RFC2822 formatted message body. " - thats enough for what you are trying to achieve. MIME attachments are covered in RFC 2822 extensions. the python email library contains various functions to walk through the message payload and extract attachments

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You could checkout Lamson, which is a framework + SMTP server developing email apps.

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