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I've a question on importing a python directory foo as a module. The structure is:

-- foo

--- file1.py
--- file2.py

__init__.py contains the following line:
__all__ = ["file1", "file2"]

What I would want to do is to import foo and then access file1 as foo.file1 However, I can only access file1 after doing:
from foo import *
There's a way by which I can access file1 through foo.file1, it is:
from foo import *
import foo
As you can see this is quite inefficient. Can someone point me to what is the right way to do what I am aiming to do.


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That's exactly what the documentation says that __all__ does. If you want to be able to do foo.file1, instead of using __all__, do this in __init__.py:

import file1
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oh thanks. I should have checked the docs. –  I J Jun 17 '11 at 5:49
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