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I want to read binary file in and check if it contains any data or not. If file contains any data then it should be read those data and replace particular word from retrieved data. How can I achieve this task?? //Here is my code

        Using reader As New BinaryReader(File.Open(objClsCommon.strBinaryPath, FileMode.Open))

            ' Dim a As Double = Marshal.SizeOf(oHeader) + Marshal.SizeOf(oContent) + 1
            'Dim b As Double = Marshal.SizeOf(oHeader) + Marshal.SizeOf(oContent) + 457

            For pos = 0 To 4
                Dim value As String = reader.ReadString()
                strText(pos) = value

            oHeader.CheckSum = strText(0)
            oHeader.NoOfPrgFile = strText(1)
            oHeader.FstFileOffset = strText(2)
            oHeader.ExtString = strText(3)
            oHeader.DecrCode = strText(4)

            Array.Clear(strText, 0, 5)

            For pos = 0 To oHeader.NoOfPrgFile - 1

                For i = 0 To 3
                    Dim value As String = reader.ReadString()
                    strText(i) = value
                ArrayContent(pos).PrgName = strText(0)
                ArrayContent(pos).PrgLength = strText(1)
                ArrayContent(pos).NxtOffset = strText(2)
                ArrayContent(pos).ExtString = strText(3)

                If pos = 0 Then
                    strContent = reader.ReadString()
                ElseIf pos > 0 Then
                    strContent = reader.ReadString()
                End If

I want to write string from text file to binary file but before writing those strings I want to check if binary file contains any data or not. If it cantons any data,then data from that file should be replaced by my string and again should be written in binary format.

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Please show us at least some of your own code. If nothing else it shows us what level of detail and expertise to use in our own answers. And you say you're looking for a "word", but you also mention binary data. Those two normally don't mix. The only time we normally find words in binary data is when we're talking about cpu registers. – Joel Coehoorn Jun 17 '11 at 5:41
@Joel I have updated my question. Have a look at it.. – Microsoft Developer Jun 17 '11 at 5:51

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