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how can I realize realtime face detection, when I use iPhone camera to take picture?

just like the example: http://www.morethantechnical.com/2009/08/09/near-realtime-face-detection-on-the-iphone-w-opencv-port-wcodevideo/ (this example don't provide the .xcodeproj, so I can't compile .cpp file)

another example: http://blog.beetlebugsoftware.com/post/104154581/face-detection-iphone-source (can't be compiled)

do you have any solution? please give a hand!

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Wait for iOS 5:

Create amazing effects in your camera and image editing apps with Core Image. Core Image is a hardware-accelerated framework that provides an easy way to enhance photos and videos. Core Image provides several built-in filters, such as color effects, distortions and transitions. It also includes advanced features such as auto enhance, red-eye reduction and facial recognition.

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