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I am searching a jquery image slider plugin which is able to show more than one image in once.

I have found some jqeury plugin which shows one image at once and we can click previous and next images to move another image.

But here I need is have multiple images at once.

Here is the mock up for same.

enter image description here

Please help me which plugin have this feature.

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TBH - the way I would approach this would be to use the jQuery Cycle plugin and wrap as many images as you want per slide in <div />s and then cycle the <div />s rather than the images.

Nice and easy to manage imo!

Hope that helps :)

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I also was searching an image slider plugin, I found: agile carousel

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Even I am using the cycle plugin. But this code is not sliding the complete div. What should be done?

        $(document).ready ( function()
                fx:     'fade', 
                speed:   300, 
                timeout: 3000, 
                next:   's4', 
                pause:   1 

        <div class="pics" id="s4">

            <img src="img/step31.png" height="200" width="200">

            <img src="img/step41.png" height="200" width="200">

            <img src="img/step51.png" height="200" width="200">

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