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Is there a python equivalent function similar to normplot from MATLAB? Perhaps in matplotlib?

MATLAB syntax:

x = normrnd(10,1,25,1);


enter image description here

I have tried using matplotlib & numpy module to determine the probability/percentile of the values in array but the output plot y-axis scales are linear as compared to the plot from MATLAB.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

data =[-11.83,-8.53,-2.86,-6.49,-7.53,-9.74,-9.44,-3.58,-6.68,-13.26,-4.52]
plot_percentiles = range(0, 110, 10) 

x = np.percentile(data, plot_percentiles)
plt.plot(x, plot_percentiles, 'ro-')

Gives: enter image description here

Else, how could the scales be adjusted as in the first plot?


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I'm fairly certain matplotlib doesn't provide anything like this.

It's possible to do, of course, but you'll have to either rescale your data and change your y axis ticks/labels to match, or, if you're planning on doing this often, perhaps code a new scale that can be applied to matplotlib axes, like in this example: http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/examples/api/custom_scale_example.html.

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Maybe you can use the probplot function of scipy (scipy.stats), this seems to me an equivalent for MATLABs normplot:

Calculate quantiles for a probability plot of sample data against a specified theoretical distribution.

probplot optionally calculates a best-fit line for the data and plots the results using Matplotlib or a given plot function.


But is does not solve your problem of the different y-axis scale.

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Using matplotlib.semilogy will get closer to the matlab output.

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