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Rails 3 uses UJS approach, which allows to handle AJAX responses from JavaScript code.

$("form").live("ajax:success", function(data, status, xhr){

How view in Rails 3 should look like to fill "data" object, so i can inspect is from JavaScript ?

Regular rendering, using "js.erb", or "js.haml" results "data" local variable in JavaScript "undefined".

Of course, in the view, i can use some global variable, like following ("js.haml"):

- c = escape_javascript(render "search_result")
  var ajaxResponse = "#{c}";

… And call it from JavaScript handler, like this:

$("form").live("ajax:success", function(data, status, xhr){

… but it breaks incapsulation.

Ideal way would be using "data" local variable.

So, how the view should look like ?

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