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Ok I'm being dense.

How do I remove the last item in a dictionary?

I have code that checks for the number in the dictionary and ifs too many it always removes the last one to make room the for the next but I can't see a straightforward way to do it

if (recentDic.Count>= recentItemLimit )


UPDATE: Thanks for the comments, you learn something everyday. I have moved over to a OrderedDictionay and am now using RemoveAt

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What do you mean remove the last item in a dictionary? A Dictionary isn't sorted, so you are just going to remove whatever there is in the last bucket? –  Yet Another Geek Jun 17 '11 at 8:35
What do u mean by last? Last added, first added or maybe last key - the one with greates value? –  Piotr Auguscik Jun 17 '11 at 8:37
If your int represents index(or order) so you should remove item with biggest key. –  Reniuz Jun 17 '11 at 8:38
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Dictionary doesn't keep any order of its elements and therefore there is no way to know what a last one means.

If you want to remove a random one you can do something like what @Richard said:



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As @fiver notes: there is no order to a Dictionary so "last item" doesn't really make sense.

However you can get something that looks like "last":

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you could use

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var dictionary = new Dictionary<int, string>();
dictionary.Remove(dictionary /* .OrderBy(o => o.Value) */ .Last().Key);
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But if you want to remove somekind of element based on some order, try using the SortedDictionary. Then you can remove the last key by using dict.Remove(dict.Keys.Last()), as noted by others.

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If "last" is meant in a temporal way, you can keep a reference to the last inserted key and remove that one.

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try this in your way

 Dictionary<int, string> recentDic=new Dictionary<int,string>();

            if (recentDic.Count >= 2)
                int last = recentDic.Keys.Last();
                recentDic.Add(last, "rahul");

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