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Is it possible to animate a popup in Dojo? or anyway... I need to animate a popup "ToolTip style" with custom content.

I've tried http://jsfiddle.net/QSmvW/7/

To get a TooltipDialog to open with an "onClick" event (and not with an hover), but I'm unable to animate the "onShow"

I've seen somekind of dialog with dojo.fx that can be animated, but it seems to be a 1.6 feature (and I'm using Dojo 1.4.1)

Do I need to upgrade to achieve this?

Is it possible to animate a custom tooltip (triggered with a click)?

What I want is something like this :


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I had to rewrite nearly entirely the Popup.js (i used dojo 1.4) class in dojo to get another type of object that uses animations to show / unshow :|

Apparently that's the best solution to get this kind of object with dojo...

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