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i am new to cocos2d.In my game am using "cctouchesbegan" to push a new scene.Using "popScene" am coming to my first scene from second scene.After coming to first scene my "cctouchesbegan" delegate method not working... If any idea,it will be helpful .

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Please paste your code here. –  Kazuki Sakamoto Jun 27 '11 at 1:01

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You can do the following:

    [super onEnter];

    [[CCTouchDispatcher sharedDispatcher] removeDelegate: self];
    [[CCTouchDispatcher sharedDispatcher] addTargetedDelegate:self priority:0 swallowsTouches:YES];
    self.isTouchEnabled = YES;

- (void) onExit {

    [[CCTouchDispatcher sharedDispatcher] removeDelegate: self];
    [super onExit];
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put "NO" when you are adding the targettedDelegate as shown below.It corrects my error [[CCTouchDispatcher sharedDispatcher] addTargetedDelegate:self priority:0 swallowsTouches:NO]

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