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Just I have started learning flex for my project. This is project is a kind image, video, audio file management which is accessible from local hard drive like adding, deleting etc..

I heard that Air is doing this kind of work. But our client asking that the project should run only on the browser not like a application.

I have searched lot of tuts. But I haven't get much tutorials. please give me some suggestion to get this type o tutorial.


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Browser applications cannot manipulate local hard disk contents, regardless of their type - Flash, or JavaScript, or Silverlight - security model is similar for all of them. Try to persuade your client with seamless install of AIR applications (google "AIR badge install".)

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Yeah, accessing local files through a web app would be a huge security risk. The only way this is possible is if your app uses FileReference.browse() but that's normally to just get one file or directory. –  J_A_X Jun 17 '11 at 13:22

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