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I've styled buttons to look like hyperlinks so i can use instead of querystring. The only problem is that when selecting certain characters it is a bit difficult as the area of the textbox is the letter itself (e.g - the character i). Is there a way to fix this problem without changing to hyperlink? I've also provided the styled buttons below

<input type="submit" name="Page" value="#" style="background:transparent;border:0;display:inline;color:#00F;text-decoration:underline;padding:0px;cursor:pointer">
    <% for i = 97 to 122 %>     
         <input type="submit" name="Page" value="<%=CHR(i) %>" style="background:transparent;border:0;display:inline;color:#00F;text-decoration:underline;padding:0px;cursor:pointer;">&nbsp;
    <% next %>
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Keep it a block level element, then the entire button should be clickable. – jimplode Jun 17 '11 at 10:16
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Try using display:block; and setting a width.

Alternatively, you could increase the padding, which is set at 0px.

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