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How to calculate total hours of journey between 2 corelocation objects ??

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You have to calculate the total distance D, assume a velocity profile at each point, and divide the total distance by the average velocity. It's an easier calculation if you assume a constant velocity for the whole trip; accounting for stops, starts, accels and decels will complicate the problem a great deal.

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I used "distanceFromLocation" method to get the distance between 2 core locations, how to assume the velocity, is it a random number ? –  Dee Jun 17 '11 at 10:38
Velocity is not random, it's the speed you are traveling between the two points. –  progrmr Oct 29 at 23:09
I've actually studied physics, @progrmr. I know what velocity is. Your comment is almost a tautology. –  duffymo Oct 30 at 9:07
my speed comment was meant for @Dee –  progrmr Oct 30 at 13:25

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