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I was making an android project , with spring and maven and when there is a target folder where is present But when do Maven Install it gives error that not there.. I have tried all other posts , nothing is helping , is not generating even after clean.

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Are you developing your Android project inside Eclipse? In which case some work is needed to get the ADT to play nice with Maven/M2Eclipse. Please see my project:

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Whenever your generated R class isn't generated, it indicates that there's a problem with generating it due to some parsing issue from the XML resources. Check the error console in your IDE to figure out what's specifically wrong.

Common problems are:

  • An unescaped character in your strings.xml, for instance you're instead of you\'re
  • Missing layout_width or layout_height tags in layout resources
  • Missing namespace declarations
  • Variable names that aren't supported by Java, for instance due to capitalization or use of spaces, hyphens or other unsupported characters
  • Any other kind of syntax error in XML
  • Check Console and Probelm Tab for the Issues
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