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I have a problem with slash in javaScript n Ajax

I am displaying value dynamically in a span like below:

String num = "37-C110PDD/L";

<span id="p21stk_<%=NUM%>"></span>

in Script:

value for chks[0] is 37-C110PDD/L here the value contains slash and is not displaying the required value in span

Code used in script to update value dynamically:


Above code working for parameters without SLASH

Any idea how to solve....?

Thank you..........

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Using slashes in the attribute ID is illegal. See What are valid values for the id attribute in HTML?

You should replace your slash with a valid character, an hyphen ("-") or an underscore ("_") for example.

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You can use custom data-* attributes (, for example:


<span data-id="37-C110PDD/L">a span</span>


alert( $("span[data-id='37-C110PDD/L']").text() );
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