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I have successfully deployed the Web Farm Framework 2.0 module with a controller and two bound WFE servers. I am able to use Application Provisioning, Load Balance, and the Routing Rules without much distress. However, once I attempt to use Windows Authentication on the WFE (anonymous on the Controller), I am receiving a 401 error. I am able to access the web applications directly via machine name, but that is against the point of using WFF right? I am also able to access the site via cname (pointed at controller) if I have anonymous authentication enabled and All Users with Allow rights under .Net Authorization Rules.

I enabled Failed Request Tracing, but no log files were not sure where to go next.

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Did you install CF10 on each server via the installer or did you push it out via a work flow? – Elan Hasson Mar 6 '13 at 5:52

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