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Have been getting a really strange error using xCode 3.2.5 AND latest xCode 4 where I can build my code on debug on the simulator but as soon as I try to deploy it onto a device (or build in 'release' mode) I get a really strange compile error on UIAccelerometer.h that resides in the UIKitFramework. The error message is:

"invalid suffix "_0" on integer constant"

The line in UIAccelerometer.h that causes the issue is:

UIKIT_CLASS_AVAILABLE(2_0) @interface UIAccelerometer : NSObject

I have obviously not changed the UIKit Framework so I can't understand at all why I'm getting this error. I've tried changing deployment targets to all iOS sdks, tried changing any settings with minSdk versions on xCode etc. Really been trying for the last 3 days to beat this but am now really stuck. This is preventing me from getting my app onto the iPhone for final testing.

Please Help! Nobody seems to have answered this question from my searches on Google and here (though the error message does come up on google autocomplete). Willing to try anything at the moment and will provide as much information as you need.



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It sounds like your compile settings are wrong, but editing the SDK should work... –  tc. Jun 18 '11 at 0:49
I am getting the same error in The MFMessageComposeViewController.h after adding MessageUI.framework. –  saman01 Oct 25 '11 at 13:05

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