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I have been getting a really strange error using Xcode 3.2.5 AND the latest Xcode 4 where I can build my code on debug on the simulator, but as soon as I try to deploy it onto a device (or build in 'release' mode) I get a really strange compile error on UIAccelerometer.h that resides in the UIKitFramework. The error message is:

invalid suffix "_0" on integer constant

The line in UIAccelerometer.h that causes the issue is:

UIKIT_CLASS_AVAILABLE(2_0) @interface UIAccelerometer : NSObject

I have obviously not changed the UIKit Framework, so I can't understand at all why I'm getting this error. I've tried changing deployment targets to all iOS SDKs, tried changing any settings with minSdk versions on Xcode, etc.

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It sounds like your compile settings are wrong, but editing the SDK should work... – tc. Jun 18 '11 at 0:49
I am getting the same error in The MFMessageComposeViewController.h after adding MessageUI.framework. – saman01 Oct 25 '11 at 13:05

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