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I've added several directories, libraries such as matlab, opencv, etc to compile my current C file in Visual Studio project.

All my upcoming projects will require the same setup/properties. Do I need to setup my each project's properties individually or I can do something to apply it to all ?

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Try using Property Sheets. These can create a single properties file that can be inherited by multiple projects.

  1. Use "View > Other Windows > Property Manager" to bring up the Property Manager. It will show your projects and configurations.

  2. Right click a configuration, and select "Add New Project Property Sheet...". You can name it, and select a location that works for all your projects.

  3. Once created, you can edit its properties just as you would a build configuration.

  4. To use that property sheet as the basis for other projects, just right click the configuration or project, and select "Add Existing Property Sheet...". Browse to where you saved the original sheet, and it will be inherited.

Any changes to the original sheet will be applied to any project that inherits it, unless they are overridden. If you go into properties higher up the chain, properties that override will have bold type for their values. To get them to always use the value in the base sheet, there will be a "inherit from parent or project defaults" option where applicable.

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what version of VS is this solution relevant to? I can't seem to make it work for VS-2008... Am I missing something? – Shai May 22 '13 at 5:13
Is there any method to automatically generate a property sheet from a current project which has configured all the required configurations.? I don't want to manually add each property to the property sheet again – Samitha Chathuranga Dec 2 '15 at 17:24

I am using AtmelStudio 6.1, which is built on Visual Studio 2010 (I believe), and yet doesn't have any Property Manager that I can find. So, the hackish system I use is:

  1. close (or at least unload via the contextual menu) the project whose configuration you want to modify
  2. open its .cproj file (which is XML) in any text editor (VS works nicely),
  4. open the .cproj file of the project whose configuration data you want to copy,
  5. look for the configuration data you want. Configurations are inside of PropertyGroup tags; for example, in my case it looks like

    <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)' == 'Preprocess only' "> 

    for the configuration named "Preprocess only". Copy from the beginning of that tag until the end of the corresponding



  6. Paste the block into the destination .cproj, just after other


    tag. Make sure that the name of the configuration is unique in this file. Save.

You're finished. Now open the project normally in VS and you'll be able to select the added configuration.

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