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So I'm working with a SQL Server 2008 connection string:

Data Source=.;Integrated Security=True;Pooling=False

What is the . Data Source? How can I connect to the . Data source using SSMS?

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. = (local) = whatever the name of the machine is from which the connection is being initiated. It is similar to using localhost, except that localhost forces a TCP connection to be established, whereas . or (local) can use the shared memory connection provider.

You can similarly put . or (local) as the server name in the SSMS connection dialog, to connect to the local default instance.

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Data Source is the servername with a default instance

What you put there depends on whether this server is on the box as the SSMS you're using, or remote.

  • If remote, use the actual server name
  • If local, you can use (local) or localhost
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