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In my Production branch I have a merge that occured on 6/3/2011. The merge comes from QA, but for some reason one of the files Global.asax did not merge. The Global.asax file is not even part of the list of updated files. Is there any way to tell why?

For example, if the developer used the merge tool and told it to take the target version instead of the source version. Can I see that they chose this?

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This happens all the time at our company. We have a branching strat that we merge up from dev branches to main.

Things that can happen:

  • TFS does not recognize a change the file and ignores during merge

  • User decides not to merge and ignores local changes

  • User decides to merge and merges existing with local

  • User disregards local changes and takes server version

where local = branch to merge

To answer you question "Can I see that they chose this" no, to the best of my knowledge, there is not way to do this because it is simply updating the file or not updating the file. The conflict and merge tools are just there to assist you in file merge modifications not so much for historical tracking of how you merged.

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+1 - @NgM Thanks. I think you are correct. I'll leave the question open for a day or two longer just to see if anybody has any hidden tricks up their sleeves (maybe some add-on). Otherwise you'll earn the answer. –  P.Brian.Mackey Jun 20 '11 at 19:24
Np- happy to help out. –  NgM Jun 20 '11 at 19:40

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