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I'm making an app that is an interactive mathematical visualization based on a real-time stream of data. Libgdx was recommended to me to deal with the intricate, real-time graphics, but I do also need to do scientific computing and require some UI like buttons and drop-down lists. Can I do this using libgdx, or a combination of libgdx and SDK/NDK?

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Combining libgdx directly with SDK is not supported yet, I believe. Of course you can have different activites using either SDK or libgdx, but this is not what you need. However, libgdx comes with Themable Widget Library, which has support for most of the basic UI features, which depending on your specific requirements may or may not fullfill your needs.

Just check out libgdx from svn:

svn checkout http://libgdx.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ libgdx-read-only

all other extensions beside TWL are also included in the repo (they are not included in zip file downloadable from libgdx homepage download page, i think). After building, you get necessary jars and can start using TWL with libgdx right away.

Here is also the simple libgdx+TWL example for getting started.

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