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So I'm working on a gem that provides helpers for use with the Jeditable jQuery plugin, called jeditable-rails. These helpers are essentially writing javascript that create forms.

I am looking to stub templates within the request/controller specs, doing something like this:

gadget = Gadget.create!(:name => 'foo')
stub_template 'gadgets/edit.html.erb' => "<%= editable_field(@gadget, :name) %>"
# using Capybara
visit edit_gadget_path(gadget)
# fill out form, submit, etc.

When I run this in a request spec, I get the error undefined method 'stub_template'. Is it possible to use stub_template in request specs, or is there a different way to go about it?

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This is Ruby, so it's probably possible, but it's not a given.

RSpec request specs delegate most of their work to Rails integration tests, which support multiple requests and, therefore, multiple controllers/views. stub_template requires access to a view instance, which we don't have access to in request specs.

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Hmm, maybe controller specs? Thanks for the reply! –  Aidan Feldman Jun 19 '11 at 4:27

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