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I'm using watin to automate a process on a web system (internal).

I can open the website and access some links, but others cannot be found. I think this may be either because they are deeply nested or because the href is javascript. This is the format they are in:

               <a id="1_1_1_a" href="javascript:blah" </a>

I've tried various different ways to find by id, element type etc. But I'm stuck on this.

Can anyone help?


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Elements within a frame have to be searched through its frame because each frame is considered a separate namespace in WatIn. So first get the correct frame (by calling the Frame method or through the Frames property - note that in your example you must do it twice as you have two nested frames) and then search for the link, e.g.:

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I've tried to use Frame(Find.ByName) and Frame(Frind.BySrc) to identify the frame, but it's not able to find the frame either. Is there a way I can view what elements watin can access/see? –  Scottland Jun 20 '11 at 9:00

Try this

        using (var browser = new IE("your_web_site_here"))
            Frame first_frame = browser.Frame(Find.ById("frame_1_id"));
            Frame second_frame = first_frame.Frame(Find.ById("frame_2_id"));
            var first_div = second_frame.Div(Find.ById("first_div_id"));
            var Link_to_click = first_div.Link(Find.ById("1_1_1_a"));
            catch (Exception ex)


Sometimes watin cannot find elements I'm still trying to find out why and what are the preconditions.

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I had a similar issue where my test would browse to a page that had 40 links on it and even though you could see all the links on the page the following statement would show links (and other elements collections) had a count of zero.


I'm still not sure exactly what the underlying issue is but I discovered that if you start Gallio Icarus / Gallio Echo / Visual Studio (or whatever test runner you are using) by Right Click -> Run as administrator the test works as expected and the elements are loaded into the ie browser object correctly.

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