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I have a report in Reporting services, and when I preview it, the headers for a table wrap, but when I export it to Excel, the don't. They just get cut off. Any ideas on how to force it to wrap when I export to Excel?

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Although this link doesn't address your question directly, its fairly comprehensive in terms of design considerations for Report Rendering in in Excel

Link: Designing for Microsoft Excel Output(Reporting Services)

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Thanks for the link. It doesn't talk about my issue specifically, but it is helpfull. –  Charles Graham Sep 15 '08 at 23:00

If you are importing report from SSRS to EXCEL and if you find some TOP column joined up then the best way to resolve this issue would be:

  • Go back to report designer and adjust all your text boxes.
  • Adjust to left side of the designer window. You will see a blue line when it's adjusted to left.
  • Your dataset at top should also be moved toward left side of the designer window.
  • You might have date time function on left adjust it to top dataset vertically with 0-1 Points gap.
  • Including your header which would be Title of your company, name of report and all parameter mentioned below should be adjusted just next below to date time function which I have mentioned earlier.

Play with report designer by adjusting the text box and you will see the magic.

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