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I have a project that does some IL injection into an assembly. To test this code I have two projects:

  1. A project that generates an assembly to be injected into.
  2. An MS test project that does the injection and then verifies that injection has occurred.

The problem is that project 1 needs to be rebuilt each time the tests are run so that the assembly is clean.

I've tried

But neither of these approaches work. The only thing that does work that I've found is overwriting a dummy text file in project 1, but this is not acceptable as the IDE opens a message box asking to reload it.

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Here are two suggestions to try:

  1. Try cleaning project 1 as a post-build event of the test project. That assumes that you won't need to examine the assembly when the test fails.

  2. Add a pre-build event to your test project that calls devenv with /rebuild on project 1.

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Thanks, I'd already tried both of those and neither work. The first just deletes the assembly. The second causes visual studio to hang (I suppose there is some kind of circular dependency) –  briantyler Jun 17 '11 at 18:39

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