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After sampling plenty css grids, i found love in the inuit.css grid (especially the negative margin gutter technique), i only wish it was wider.

Due to my lack of in-depth knowledge in grids and responsive/adaptive web design i was wondering:

  • Where should i start?
  • What are the things i should take into consideration?

If i wanted to widen the grid (or create another grid?). I have a feeling its a little bit more than just changing the width value of the columns

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Several online grid system generators let you specify a new width and column number to regenerate the base style sheets. e.g. http://www.gridsystemgenerator.com/gs01.php

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i have seen them but my goal is to learn the things i should take into consideration when choosing the width of a grid as it relates to adaptive web design –  Jeele Yah Jun 17 '11 at 18:26

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