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I need to limit access to merge changes into the trunk to specific individuals. Is there any way to limit merge rights on specific folders in subversion? I don't want to block merging from branch to branch, only into the trunk.

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Can't you make the trunk read-only for those specific people, using Subversion's access control mechanisms?

In your svnaccess file:

me = rw
albert = r
bernard = r
chris = rw

would allow you and Chris to make changes (including merges) to the trunk of "MyProject", while only giving read permissions to Albert and Bernard.

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AFAIK there's no such thing as "merge rights", only read and write permissions. And merging is actually a write operation, you have to give write permission to specific folders ('trunk' in you case) only to those you want to.

Pleas read "Path-Based Authorization" for details.

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Agree. A "merge" is really an Update (read from repo), followed by some edits (combining your code), followed by a commit. That commit looks like any other. –  gbarry Mar 13 '09 at 0:00

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