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I am basically creating an app that looks like a power point presentation. every time the user clicks on a button I add another view controller. So here is what I have:

This is the ViewController that I want to add when the user want's to go to the next slide:

enter image description here

I have a button that when clicked it shows this view controller. In this example it will show nothing because the view controller is empty.

enter image description here

so when that code get's fired this is what happens with my iPad:

enter image description here

It loads that view controller perfectly fine but with the navigation bar at the top. How could I get rid of that navigation bar? I think the problem is the code because the view controller is empty. I know just the basics of objective-c so I have not been able to fix it with code.

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Insert this line of code before presenting your navigation controller modally:

[navControl setNavigationBarHidden:YES];
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