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There seem to be about a zillion Amazon APIs, but it is hard to figure out what all is available from a single point on their site(s). Does anyone know of anything written up regarding their APIs?

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You mean other than aws.amazon.com ? –  Babak Naffas Jun 17 '11 at 16:57

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Basically, you need to go here:


and check out all they have. They break it down by product so you can figure out which APIs they have in the space you are looking for. They also have demo code to help you get started using the APIs.

You aren't going to find a list of Amazon APIs on the web because they cover so many different areas. There are APIs for S3, EC2, shopping, etc. that all have different purposes. The Amazon link I listed above takes you to their Web Services page where you can drill into the area you are looking to program against. Inside each area is a list of APIs that you can take advantage of, including source code that demonstrates how to do so.

I will say that the documentation for the Amazon APIs isn't the greatest. Sometimes even inside the specific areas they struggle putting all the information in one place. You have to do some legwork to get what you want.

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I know about the AWS site, problem is they don't have any information about the e-commerce, store, or book APIs. Let alone Kindle and related SDKs or such. That's why I'm looking for a site that has links to all of these disparate SDK/APIs and such. :/ –  Adron Jun 20 '11 at 22:32

Basically it looks like Amazon doesn't provide a central place that lists all of their respective APIs.

Kindle, Cloud Player (if it ever exists), AWS, and all the others appear on differents domains/sites throughout various Amazon Web Properties. To Summarize, you have to dig for them. :(

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