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I upgraded from VS2010 Professional to Premium in order to use the built-in code coverage testing facility. To make sure I was using the testing tool properly, I went through a small example with C#, which worked fine and showed me what code in my little test had executed. Then, I went through the same steps with the actual application to be tested, which is a C++ app, making sure to build with the /Profile linker switch.

I could run my application in the debugger, and it ran fine. Trying to run the code coverage test, however, failed when exception HRESULT: 0x80004001 (E_NOTIMPL) was thrown, apparently by Visual Studio itself. (At least, the Label on the dialog's title bar says "Microsoft Visual Studio".)

While I appreciate the irony of Visual Studio throwing a "not implemented" exception, I can't imagine how I'd go about tracking this down.


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This bug was fixed in Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Download and install the patch to see if it fixes your issue.

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That was it. Many thanks. –  Buggieboy Jun 19 '11 at 16:47
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