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It's another Visual Studio 2008 HTML formatting question...I think I have either found a bug in the infamously bad VS HTML formatting, or I'm doing something wrong. Here's what I'm doing:

I remove all client side tags via:
Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> HTML -> Format -> Tag Specific options

I then add b and span tags:

alt text

I press CTRL+E,CTRL+D and I get these two differing results:


alt text
The P before the span tag isn't formatted properly


alt text
The P tag is formatted correctly.

This for a .ASPX extension file.

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It looks like it is a bug, and isn't dependent on the tag being SPAN or B.

The work around I found

Add an extra space before the closing P.

How it fails

<p><b>My title</b></p>

Gets re-formatted as

  <b>My title</b></p>

How to get it to work

<p><b>My title</b> </p>

(NB the space after the B) gets reformatted as:

  <b>My title</b>

And that extra space is removed by VS anyway. Hallelujah my HTML looks beautiful!

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I followed the same method as Chris. I decided to use a RegEx find and replace to do it for the whole document. The regex finds any closing p or h* tags that aren't preceded by white space or the start of a line and inserts a newline before the closing tag. Examine the regex to get a better understanding. Here's what I used:

Find what:


Replace with:


It only finds p and h* because those were the only two I found had this problem. Other tags can be added.

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Had the same issue in VS2010, albeit with different tags. Regex was most helpful to plough through it. Cheers. – Gavin Nov 7 '10 at 23:02

You can customize the layout per tag, if it bothers you that much. Go to the options dialog and select the formatting option under Text Editor -> HTML

Having said that, I don't like some of the inconsistencies I couldn't fix, so I stopped using it except to reformat code from someone else before I started working on it. Once the initial reformat is done, I maintain the formatting manually.

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That's what I'm doing already (first image). I'm trying to figure out if it will behave how I want it to, or if I should just give up and find another tool to auto-format with, and then copy it back in. Doing that seems to defeat the point of the IDE though – Chris S Mar 12 '09 at 15:38

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