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I just want a simple way of seeing what the last two lines in the Telnet stream were. For instance, if you can imagine a Terminal window, I just want to be able to type a command, hit enter, then see what the response is. So far, I can execute the command, but I'm having trouble evaluating the response. Rather than just the two lines of response being returned, stream_get_line returns every line from the stream.

Can anyone suggest a function or possibly a better way to write it?

$con = @pfsockopen("", 23, $errno, $errstr, 30);

fputs($con, "ipaddress get\r");

while (!feof($con)) { 
    $response = stream_get_line($con, 100, "\n"); 

echo $response;

It may be that I don't completely understand stream_get_line(); if I'm doing something dumb, someone please help me out. Thanks!

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After more experimentation with fgets(), I have been able to achieve the desired affect.

Rather than:

while (!feof($con)) { 
    $response = stream_get_line($con, 100, "\n"); 

I used:

while (($buffer = fgets($con, 5)) !== false) {
    $total .= $buffer;
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