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I'm using SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0.RELEASE. I want to configure my project to use a run configuration that is a Tomcat 5.5 server using JRE 1.5 (I'm on Mac 10.6.6). I'm having trouble doing this. When configuring my Tomcat 5 server, I set the JRE runtime to be 1.5 …

But when I try and add my project to the new server configuration, I get this error hen I click on my project …

Tomcat version 5.5 only supports J2EE 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 Web modules

Here is what the screen looks like -- . Does anyone know how I can get past this error or how I can get my project to run on Tomcat 5.5 using Java 1.5?

Thanks, - Dave

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As the error message states, the issue is not your version of Java, but the version of J2EE libraries. Make sure that you did not include any J2EE 5 libraries and that the third party libraries that you use are fine with older J2EE libraries.

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you can change the J2EE version.In the project facets>Dynamic web module> version. you can change the version here.

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