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In Matlab, if I define 2 matrices like: A=[1:10] B=[1:11]; W How do I make matrix C columne 1 equal to A and C column 2 equal to B. I cannot find any answers online. Sorry if I used the wrong Matlab lingo for this scenario.

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Well, to accomplish this you first need to make sure that A and B are the same length. In your example, A has 10 elements and B has 11, so that won't work.

However, assuming A and B have the same number of elements, this will do the trick:

C = [A(:) B(:)];

This first reshapes A and B into column vectors using single-colon indexing, then concatenates them horizontally.

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If A and B are row vectors, the transpose operator ' (assuming A and B are real matrices) will do the job. A(:) vectorize A (usually denotes Vec(A)) –  ThibThib Jun 17 '11 at 20:07
if A and B are not the same length, you can pad them with zeros (or some other number or NaN) so that they are: A((end:1):length(B)) = 0; B((end+1):length(A)) = 0; –  BlessedKey Jun 17 '11 at 20:12

if A,B same length, then can just type

C=[A' B']
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