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I am noticing my 404 page works fine when the wrong address is requesting something on the root level . But if I am going to a subpage that is not there then my 404 does not show correctly . Is the only way to do this is set absolute paths to all the style sheets, links and images in your 404?

this is my http.conf entry:

DocumentRoot /var/www/currentsite
ErrorDocument 404 /404error.php
<Directory /var/www/currentsite>
  Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks +Includes
  AllowOverride all
 Allow from all
 Order allow,deny

Is there a way to send the browser to the 404 page verse calling the 404 down to where ever the user has ended up at?

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Add <base href=""> to the head tag of your error page to make all relative urls resolve relative to (instead of I'm assuming that your error page is dynamically generated anyway, so if this error page needs to work on multiple domain names, it shouldn't be hard to add the correct domain name to the page on the server.

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Sorry, forgot to add http:// to the url. Without it, the browser would probably try to load urls relative to, instead of just, which is likely not what you want. – Na7coldwater Jun 17 '11 at 20:24

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