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After some joins, I've managed to get a table that looks like:

src | destination
1   | 2
3   | 4

Both source and destinations are IDs and there's another table that is

id | name
1  | hello
2  | foo
3  | bar
4  | baz

How do I get something like

src   | dest
hello | foo
bar   | baz

fairly quickly in sqlite?

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Let's suppose you first table is called Mapping and you source/destination names table is called Locales.

This is what you want to do:

select l1.name as src, l2.name as dest
from Mapping m 
inner join Locales l1 on m.src = l1.id
inner join Locales l2 on m.destination = l2.id
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You'd use 2 joins to the same table:

select a1.name, a2.name
from names a1
   join xref x
      ON x.src = a1.id
   join names a2
      ON x.destination = a2.id
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