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I've been meaning to get into testing. After reading about a few testing frameworks (test::unit, Rspec, etc). I've decided give Rspec and Capybara a try.

I'd like to understand how experienced developers utilize these libraries properly. Which in-turn will help me write better application code and find bugs or little errors in the smallest cracks in the application.

Approaching this as a total TDD nooby. What online sources have you come across to help you learn about Rspec + Capybara. I found this Railscast, which is a good starting point. Are there any other sources / articles I should be reading?

I came across The Rspec Book, which is great for Rspec, but touches more on Cucumber examples.

In addition, how can I find out all the functions available for Capybara. i.e. fill_in, click_link, etc. The Github page mentions a few, but not all.

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I also use Rspec with Capybara, and i get along very well with this references:

Hope it helps!

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Oh, if only I'd found this sooner! /facepalm I've been looking for documentation about Capybara for a few days now and completely overlooked the rdoc link on the GitHub page. – Tass Aug 24 '11 at 18:53

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