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I have a java program where certain parts are computationally intensive. I wish to make that part (which essentially generates an image according to some text data) in C/D. (Multiple instances of the C program might be running at the same time).

Now, I want to be able to track the progress of the C/D program, so the java code needs to read the status (progess, errors) of the C/D program somehow.

My idea is to use the environment variables in the OS, to store the status, "TIME_LEFT=2h10m42s" sort of. Questions:

Is this a good idea, or is there something really bad about this design? Are there some alternatives, (using sockets, stdin/stdout, other)?

EDIT: The Java works as a front-end, so the C/D code should NOT include anything specifically written for Java. The C/D code is essentially a stand-alone program, Java (or other) provides with GUI.

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You cannot use environment variables for this, as you cannot communicate environment variables to another program by other than setting it before you start a new process. So you can't run a C program that changes environment variables that your parent java program can see.

Write line based status to stdout in your C (or D) program rather and read it in your java program.

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Thanks, it seems rather straightforward to solve it with stdin/stdout. –  Per Alexandersson Jun 17 '11 at 21:31

Using environment variables is a bad idea. Environment variables are inherited by new running processes. They aren't register-type variables that you can just pump and access from any process, so to speak :) You could use JNI and keep checking the time remaining in MS on the Java side, or have the C/D code poll the Java code with the time remaining in its loop (I prefer the other way, however).

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Well you can do the other way around .From Java to poll the status of execution.On each 5 seconds to call via JNI the status (progress) of the heavy execution.

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I agree with Chris Dennett that this is a bad idea. I would avoid JNI - it is a terrific way to introduce subtle bugs that crash your JVM.

I would implement this by creating a C/D HTTP server running on the local host. The server accepts a POST request to /image/ to start creating the image, a long running process. That POST request returns immediately with a token. I would then GET /image/token which would return either the progress information or the image, depending on if it is done or not. Your Java process can then poll the GET /image/token URL.

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Instead of using environment variable use JNA. It is easier than JNI and reliable method to communicate with the program. Another approach is you use Message Queue like ActiveMQ for which C API also available and this is open source. It will decouple the application.

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