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Im new to django and have two filter questions:

I have this code:

       {% for tip in tips %}
           <p>some text {{ tip }} some more text</p>
       {% endfor %}

My problem is that the output is:

some text

this is the tip

some more text

Question #1)

How do I filter it (or disable the default filter for this) so it appears like this:

some text this is the tip some more text

Question #2)

If the tip included


how would I get the text to be bold instead of printing the html markup?


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Answer 1)

{% for tip in tips %}
     some text {{ tip }} some more text
{% endfor %}

Answer 2)

Mark the content of tip as safe by using {{ tip|safe }}. But Please be aware that this might be a security hole if the content of tip is somehow user supplied. It might lead to Cross-site scripting if someone could enter Javascript code intp tip.

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Wow! I dont know how I missed the <p> tag! Staring at it too long. Thanks for the info on safe! – William T Wild Jun 23 '11 at 16:24

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