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Why is the response below always null in my test?


 public class SSO : ISSO
        const string SSO_URL = "http://localhost";
        const string SSO_PROFILE_URL = "http://localhost";

        public AuthenticateResponse Authenticate(string userName, string password)
            return GetResponse(SSO_URL);

        public void GetProfile(string key)
            throw new NotImplementedException();

        public virtual AuthenticateResponse GetResponse(string url)
            return new AuthenticateResponse();

    public class AuthenticateResponse
        public bool Expired { get; set; }


public void Authenticate_Expired_ReturnTrue()
    var target = MockRepository.GenerateStub<SSO>();
    AuthenticateResponse authResponse = new AuthenticateResponse() { Expired = true };

    target.Expect(t => t.GetResponse("")).Return(authResponse);

    var response = target.Authenticate("mflynn", "password");

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If you're still using record/replay, see Three simple Rhino Mocks rules. – TrueWill Jun 17 '11 at 20:59

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Your expectation is not correct. You defined that you expect an empty string as parameter on GetResponse, but you pass in the value SSO_URL. So the expectation is not meet and null is returned instead.

You have two options to correct this

One way is to set IgnoreArguments() on the expectation

target.Expect(t => t.GetResponse("")).IgnoreArguments().Return(authResponse);

and the other way is to pass in your SSO_URL as parameter to the GetResponse method like this

target.Expect(t => t.GetResponse("http://localhost")).Return(authResponse);
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Exactly, didn't think about that – Mike Flynn Jun 17 '11 at 21:12

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