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I have code like this:

  TMyDictionary = TDictionary<int, int>;

  myDict: TMyDictionary;
  k, v: integer;

  // code to fill the dictionary

  for k in myDict.Keys do
     v := myDict.Items[k];

     // other stuff

Randomly I see an exception thrown on 'v := myDict.Items[k];' which says k is invalid.

Anyone else seen this?

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Looking at CodeCentral I see a number of bugs raised against TDictionary and in particular the enumerator that supports the for ... in ... construct.

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Try to reproduce this problem in one single method with only local variables.

It could be that your using the variable from 2 different threads, or perhaps your updating the elements in the myDict.

I'll try to explain my answer about reproducing it more:

You should create one method which could run on another computer and show the error you're getting.

So for example (Question: I'm getting a divide by zero exception):

   i : integer;
   i := 3;
   while (i <= 0) do

If you run this on a computer, people will get the divide by zero exception. So I was able to reproduce the problem. Try to create a snippet as simple as possible to reproduce in a consistent way the problem your having.

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It is as you describe. A single method. Just one thread. All I'm doing inside the loop is looking for the largest 'v' and storing this in a local variable. –  TheArtTrooper Mar 12 '09 at 21:39
What I meant was, try to make a sample procedure to reproduce it, and post that here so others can look at your sample code. –  Davy Landman Mar 13 '09 at 8:14
Here's the complete loop: for k in fcm.Keys do begin try v := fcm.Items[k]; if v > max then begin Result := k; max := v; end; except Continue; end; end; –  TheArtTrooper Mar 13 '09 at 10:14

Are you modifying myDict inside the section labeled // other stuff?

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I'm not modifying myDict inside the loop. I walk through each the dictionary to find the greatest value. –  TheArtTrooper Mar 12 '09 at 15:54

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